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Friday, September 20, 2002

JNIWrapper for Linux 1.0 Beta is available for Download

We are glad to announce that the Beta version of JNIWrapper for Linux 1.0 is now available for evaluation. You can download JNIWrapper for Linux, evaluate it free of charge during 30 days and submit us your comments. By the time your trial version expires, JNIWrapper for Linux will be sure available for purchase.

NOTE: To prevent failures caused by memory access violations on the native code side, JNIWrapper for Linux employs the signal chaining feature available in JDK 1.4.x. Therefore, JNIWrapper for Linux requires JRE 1.4.x.

We consider development of a version that would run on JRE 1.3.x if there is a demand for that. If you need such version, please send your requests to jniwrapper-support@teamdev.com.

Do not forget to visit us every now and then for the updates of Linux version documentation, which will be published in the nearest future.

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