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Friday, January 17, 2003

What's coming soon

We heartily congratulate everyone on the past holidays and will be glad to continue our cooperation this year.

We are starting this new year with a couple of new announcements.

In the nearest future we are going to release the first version of our project called WinPack a new line of libraries intended to help Java developers.

WinPack is a completely free addition to JNIWrapper, specially designed to help you improve your software with platform-specific functionality, such as access to Windows registry or adding an icon to the Windows system Tray "as if with a wave of the hand" without diving to the depths of native programming.

And this is by no means all that WinPack has to offer!

A new version of JNIWrapper with several changes, additions and improvements is expected to be released in the same period.

Do not forget to visit us periodically for upcoming updates!