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Friday, November 5, 2004

JExplorer 1.0 and JNIWrapper 2.7

Today we issue the first version of JExplorer. This release addresses many important issues that we have received during the Beta period of the product.

Also, along with JExplorer we issue the important release of JNIWrapper 2.7, in which we have fixed several important problems and added some features.

Check the JNIWrapper and JExplorer release notes to see the detailed list of changes in both products.

What's coming next

JNIWrapper for Mac OS X: The product is on the final testing phase and shortly we will introduce the Beta version for your evaluation.

JNIWrapper 3.0: In JNIWrapper 3.0 we're planing to introduce many useful features, such as a Java code generation by *.H file, Java COM server registration and many others.