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Thursday, February 10, 2005

JNIWrapper Beta for Mac OS X

JNIWrapper for Mac OS X supports all declared features, such as function native function calls, callbacks, various data types, automatic mamory management, etc.

Additionally, this version provides the samples for integration with Carbon framework (analogue of Win32 API for Windows) and its visual components, such as Open/Save File, Choose Folder, Choose Color dialogs and Native Windows.

Also, in this version we have implemented the FileSystemWatcher class that uses kqueue and kevent system functions of Mac OS X kernel. This class is analogue of our FileSystemWatcher class that we already made on Windows platform.

NOTE: Integration with all visual Carbon components works correctly under JDK 1.3 only. Invocation of them under JDK 1.4 may fail and even crash a Java application. But all not-visual features of Carbon library will work correctly on both JDKs.

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