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Monday, January 30, 2006

JExplorer 1.6, JNIWrapper and ComfyJ updates

The year 2006 starts with good news from the JNIWrapper team. Today we are releasing a comprehensive update for the whole product family! This includes:

Major update for JExplorer
JExplorer is now based on the JNIWrapper 3.0 core. This means that JExplorer is supplied with JNIWrapper and ComfyJ - so now you have a complete software package on hand.
But the good news doesn't stop there... JExplorer is no longer split in two editions. From now on there is only one edition available for use (previously known as Professional). If you have either the JExplorer Standard or Professional edition, you can use this new version.
Plus, we've considerably enhanced the JExplorer functionality to make your work even more efficient. For more details, see the What's New section.

Important: JExplorer 1.6 license format has changed. To upgrade your JExplorer 1.5 license to version 1.6 for free, please send us the request.

Improvements update for JNIWrapper and ComfyJ
In the new versions of JNIWrapper and ComfyJ, we've added more capabilities for your work. For more information, check out the JNIWrapper What's New and ComfyJ What's New sections.

More good news is coming soon!