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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

JNIWrapper.com site migration. Part 1

As part of the marketing effort to raise TeamDev's profile and promote its name as the creator of JNIWrapper family products, we have planned several steps in this regard. Some of them have already been made:

The forums of JNIWrapper family products have been moved to the integrated customer support and troubleshooting service of TeamDev at support.teamdev.com
The user registration service of the JNIWrapper forums has been integrated with www.teamdev.com

We are doing our best to make this transition as transparent as possible for JNIWrapper users. In case of any problems with your user account, please let us know at support@teamdev.com.

More changes are still under way and will mostly affect the structure and functionality of JNIWrapper.com. We will keep you posted on these changes once they are implemented.

Thank you for staying with us!

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