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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

QuipuKit 1.0

TeamDev is pleased to announce release 1.0 of QuipuKit library for JSF. First available in the Early Access Program, QuipuKit has gone through several public builds to mature into a release-ready product.

The QuipuKit library offers developers a variety of new ways to create feature-rich Web applications while leveraging the benefits of JSF technology. It includes an extended set of fully customizable JSF components (DataTable, TreeTable, Chart, PopupLayer, Calendar, and others) and a validation framework that shifts the standard JSF validation to the client side.

The major highlights of QuipuKit components:
AJAX-enabled dynamic data updates
Flexible component configuration and CSS-based styling
Support for all major browsers and JSF implementations

And QuipuKit validation framework provides the following features:
Support for standard server-side validation logic on the client side
Additional validators and flexible error presentation

Learn more about QuipuKit library. Explore the QuipuKit features in the online demo. Discuss the library at our support forums.

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