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Friday, January 26, 2007

JNIWrapper for Linux 64-bit is out the door!

The new year starts with the first new platform support. Please welcome JNIWrapper for Linux 64-bit.

Its release was inspired by multiple requests from our customers. So, finally, it i€™s out. We hope that JNIWrapper for Linux x64 will make its mark as other members of our Java integration family. At least, we have put a lot of effort to make this release possible and worthy.

As always, you are welcome to evaluate, download and buy this version of JNIWrapper. Your feedback on Linux x64 support is much appreciated.

One more platform is coming next week. Any guesses? The answer is available on our site.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

JNIWrapper 3.6 Unleashed

With this new version of our flagship product JNIWrapper, we are starting a series of new releases and updates that are planned for the nearest future.

JNIWrapper 3.6 is a minor update that brings along a number of bug fixes and improvements to all supported platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X). Please see the list of changes on the Release Notes page.

Get ready for more updates and absolutely new products to come really soon:

JNIWrapper for Linux 64-bit and Linux on PPC
JxCapture library EAP
JxBrowser library Beta
and more!