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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

JxBrowser enters public EAP era

JxBrowser is a multi-platform library that enables integration of Mozilla Firefox browser into Java AWT/Swing applications on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. In addition to the visual component, JxBrowser provides standard methods for navigation, JavaScript execution, listeners for various browser events, DOM access, etc.

JxBrowser is something quite important to us. We’ve been molding it into a worthy product for quite a long time. But even when JxBrowser was in the making, it still received much attention. We received lots of questions and many people were granted access to the private beta version, providing us with valuable feedback. Now, though not released yet, JxBrowser is successfully used in several commercial applications.

Today, after the private beta, JxBrowser enters the public EAP era. Understanding the impatience of many of you to lay your hands on it, we are planning to make it commercially available really soon.

Your feedback on how to improve JxBrowser further is as always welcome.

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