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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

QuipuKit 1.1 is Out

We are excited to announce a long-awaited release of QuipuKit 1.1. This release comes with compatibility of QuipuKit with JSR 168 Portlets. The list of supported portals includes:
  • JBoss Enterprise Portal
  • Liferay Enterprise Portal
  • Jetspeed-2 Portal
Another major feature of QuipuKit 1.1 is compatibility with Ajax4jsf. Now you can use this framework together with QuipuKit to bring even richer Ajax functionality to your Web applications.

We've also enhanced built-in Ajax support for DataTable and TreeTable components, making it possible to refresh them entirely without page reload. Other improvements include various bug fixes.

To learn more about all the changes in QuipuKit 1.1, please see the Release Notes page. Download the new version of QuipuKit to try it free for 30 days or explore its features in the online demo.

For feedback or any questions related to QuipuKit, visit our forum or e-mail us to openfaces-support@teamdev.com.

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