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Friday, April 6, 2007

Solaris and Vista support in JNIWrapper and WinPack

JNIWrapper is already known for its support for Windows, Mac OS X (Mac PPC/Intel), and multiple Linux platforms. This release of JNIWrapper adds Solaris to this list. While it's only for x86 platform, support for SPARC is already under way. JNIWrapper 3.6.1 also brings some fixes and improvements.

With the Easter weekend just a day away, for us there could have been no better occasion than this release to place an Easter egg inside JNIWrapper. What's there?

For full interoperability of JNIWrapper with your Linux environment, we give you the ability to build a native JNIWrapper library right on your Linux from the object files. How to get them? Just follow this link. The object files are available for all supported Linux platforms.

Starting from this 3.6 version, WinPack is fully Vista-ready. All functions provided by WinPack like running processes, system events and services, windows decoration, file watching , hooks and many other can now be called on Windows Vista, too. Try WinPack online demo to check this out on your Windows system.