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Friday, June 8, 2007

JxCapture EAP2 Build is Out

It's getting hot outside, heating up news from TeamDev. Here's one piece of the hot news. Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of a second EAP build of JxCapture, a cross-platform* library that provides a comprehensive screen capture API for Java applications. With this EAP2 build available, we have headed into the home stretch toward the commercial release of JxCapture. So come back often!

JxCapture EAP2 features:
Ability to capture transparent windows.
Inclusion of the mouse cursor in a capture.
Optimized performance of screen capture operations.
Improved screen capture on multiple monitors.
More code samples.
API improvements.

Want to give JxCapture a try? Download the EAP2 build or view the online demo. The EAP build is bundled with a one-month evaluation license (expires 8 July, 2007.)

* JxCapture is currently available only for the Windows platform.

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