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Friday, July 20, 2007

Last JxCapture EAP (EAP3)

Today we are releasing the EAP3 version of JxCapture which is finishing the Early Access Program. JxCapture has gotten very positive feedback from our evaluators and the next release that is planned somewhere in August is going to be publicly available version 1.0.

JxCapture is a cross-platform* library that provides a comprehensive screen capture API for Java applications.

JxCapture EAP3 adds following features to the list:
  • More performance optimization of screen capture operations.
  • No dependency on WinPack library.
  • More code samples including the complete code of JxCapture Demo.
  • 'Capture to Clipboard' option in JxCapture Demo.
Want to give JxCapture a try? Download the EAP3 build or view the online demo. The EAP build is bundled with a one-month evaluation license (expires August 20, 2007.)

* JxCapture is currently available only for the Windows platform.

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