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Friday, July 27, 2007

QuipuKit 1.2 Is Available Now!

TeamDev is pleased to announce a much-anticipated release of QuipuKit 1.2. The major features of this release include the SuggestionField component, a greatly enhanced DropDownField component, and compatibility support for JBoss Seam framework and WebSphere Application Server. There are also numerous improvements in the DataTable, TreeTable and other QuipuKit components.

The SuggestionField component allows developers to display a list of suggestions based on user input as well as to complete user input right in the input field. The suggestion feature can be configured to work either on the client side or using Ajax. The suggestion and auto-completion features have been also added to the DropDownField component. Other improvements of the DropDownField component include the ability to scroll a drop-down list, support for multi-column lists, and many more.

Of course, the new release comes with a considerable number of fixes to the issues reported by our customers. To see all the changes made in QuipuKit 1.2, go to the What's New page.

Download the new version of QuipuKit to try it out free for 30 days or explore its new amazing features in theonline demo.

For feedback or any questions related to QuipuKit, visit our forum or e-mail us to openfaces-support@teamdev.com.

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