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Friday, October 26, 2007

JExplorer 1.9, last before major release

JExplorer 1.0 was released back in early November 2004 and it has changed a lot over 3 years. And although we haven't reached the major version 2.0 so far, we are not after higher version numbers. Our goal is to give JExplorer users stability and good features instead. This release is a case in point.

Today we believe JExplorer is a complete software development tool providing a wide set of useful features to its users. This release introduces new ways to efficiently control and manage the Internet Explorer browser component. Flexible proxy configuration and browser cache management are among the recent changes.

New functions were added to the demo application and the documentation was updated appropriately.

With version 1.9 rolled out, it's clear that the next step will be an even version number. The release of JExplorer 2.0 is scheduled for the first quarter of the next year. So stay connected.

Just a reminder. All JExplorer users can upgrade to version 1.9 for free.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

QuipuKit 1.2.2 Released

TeamDev is pleased to announce availability of QuipuKit 1.2.2. This release provides improved internationalization support and performance improvements for the DataTable and TreeTable components. QuipuKit 1.2.2 also contains various bug fixes to the problems reported by QuipuKit customers. For a complete list of changes in version 1.2.2, please see the What's New page.

The new version of QuipuKit is available on Download page.

For feedback or any questions related to QuipuKit, visit forum or e-mail us directly.