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Friday, January 25, 2008

JxBrowser 1.0 EAP3 is Ready

JxBrowser EAP3 is the next milestone of cross-platform web browser integration with Java. It allows integration of Mozilla Firefox browser into Java AWT/Swing applications on Windows and Linux. Main focus of this release was on stabilization and API improvement.

This EAP update does not include Mac support. JxBrowser versions with Mac support will be released later on the separate schedule.

New Features:

  • Updated Mozilla to Gecko 1.9/Firefox 3 code base.
  • Console service allows to receive notifications about script failures and other page problems.
  • Added API to provide user-defined behavior for different content types.
  • File download support.
  • New API for tracking asynchronous operations.

Fixed Issues:

  • Improved stability.
  • Corrected text input on Linux.
  • Demo application improved to show more features of JxBrowser library.
  • Various minor issues addressed.

Want to try JxBrowser now? Download the EAP build and try the included demo application.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

QuipuKit 1.4 EAP1 is Out

We are happy to release a preview of QuipuKit version 1.4 to let its users try the new features before the official release is announced.

The major features of this release include:
  • An ability to merge cells in the DataTable and TreeTable components
  • Extended customization for individual rows/cells in the DataTable and TreeTable components
  • Support for dynamic columns in the DataTable and TreeTable components
  • Added an ability to handle session expiration during Ajax request
  • Improved Ajax errors handling
  • Removed dependency on a modified version of JFreeChart. QuipuKit can now be used with the latest version of JFreeChart
  • Added a new LoadBundle component that can be used with Ajax-enabled components

This release also includes a number of fixes in different QuipuKit components. For the whole list of improvements and fixes, please see the EAP page.

The new distribution package of QuipuKit 1.4 EAP1 is available here.

This build is bundled with a built-in evaluation license which expires February, 15, 2007. Our plans is to release 1.4 in the end of January, 2008.

Please note that because this is a pre-release version, QuipuKit functionality and stability may appear below the quality standards you would normally expect of beta versions

We encourage you to share your ideas, problems and experience with us. Visit our forum or e-mail us directly.