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Friday, December 18, 2009

JxBrowser 2.0 Released

TeamDev is happy to announce official release of JxBrowser 2.0, a cross-platform library that allows integrating web browser into Java AWT/Swing applications on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms.

In this version we have added support of Apple Safari (WebKit) engine on Mac OS X platform and Internet Explorer on Windows. With JxBrowser 2.x, you have a choice - which browser engine your Java application should use on different operating systems. Now you can use the default system browser instead of Mozilla Gecko engine on Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

You can get access to the powerful browser engines functionality through the new JxBrowser 2.x API. Samples in distribution package will demonstrate how you can navigate to a web page and wait until the page is loaded; take a full web page screen shot and save it to image file; get access to browser events, DOM, browser features and more.

Download the JxBrowser 2.0 build and try the included demo application and samples.

For any help or feedback related to the use of our product, please use the support forum or e-mail us directly.

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