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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

JxBrowser 2.2 Released

JxBrowser, a cross-platform library that allows integrating web browser into Java AWT/Swing applications on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms, has been updated to version 2.2.

In this version we have implemented DOM functionality for all engines, added UserAgent property support and navigation status code in NavigationFinishedEvent.

Also this version contains fixes for the important issues reported by our customers:

  • Deadlock when dispose Browser instance from JavaScript in Internet Explorer engine;
  • Flickering issue when add/remove Browser component in Mozilla and Internet Explorer engine;
  • Internet Explorer engine throws the "Requested resource is in use" exception during web page loading;
  • MenuBar/PopupMenu and Context Menu still open when click on Browser component in Internet Explorer engine.

For the full list of resolved issues and improvements, please see the JxBrowser 2.2 Release Notes page.

The update is already available for download. You can try the new version online using the WebStart Demo.

For any help or feedback related to JxBrowser, please use the support forum or e-mail us directly.

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