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Friday, March 5, 2010

OpenFaces 2.0 Released

We are glad to announce that OpenFaces 2.0 has "graduated" from the Early Access Program and the final version is released!

OpenFaces is an open source JSF library consisting of a set of advanced components, the Ajax framework and the client-side validation framework.

6 new components are introduced since the EAP 2 was published:
  • CompositeFilter €“ allows the user to build complex filter criteria with multiple filter conditions;
  • LayeredPane €“ a container that allows switching between different sets of displayed components;
  • SelectOneRadio an extended version of the standard andlt;h:selectOneRadioandgt; component;
  • SelectManyCheckbox€“ an extended version of the standard andlt;h:selectManyCheckboxandgt; component;
  • CommandButton€“ an extended version of the standard andlt;h:commandButtonandgt; component;
  • CommandLink€“ an extended version of the standard andlt;h:commandLinkandgt; component.
DataTable and TreeTable components have been significantly extended with the following functionality:
  • Content scrolling with frozen header/footer rows. Both vertical and horizontal scrolling with frozen columns is supported;
  • Interactive dragandamp;drop column reordering;
  • Interactive column visibility customization;
  • Numerous filtering extensions -- customizing search condition, case sensitivity, placing filters inside or outside the table;
  • Tighter integration with the Hibernate library;
  • And more...
Certainly, there are many more extensions and fixes in other OpenFaces components and you can see the full list in the release notes.

Use your chance to see the components in action in the Live Demo!

We welcome everyone to contribute and participate in OpenFaces development. Please don't hesitate to post your feedback at the product forum or email us and follow OpenFaces on Twitter.

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