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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

JxCapture 2 Early Access

TeamDev is happy to announce the Early Access* for JxCapture 2, a cross-platform library that provides a comprehensive screen and video capture API for Java applications on Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

In this version we have added support of video capturing on Mac OS X and Windows platforms. With JxCapture 2, you will be able to capture a screen or a specified screen area activity and save the result to a movie file. The API allows to specify the resulting movie format, size, bitrate, codec, etc. For the full scope of changes please check out the JxCapture 2 EA Release Notes.

You can try out the new version online using the WebStart Demo. The JxCapture 2 Early Access build, including demo application and samples, is available for download. Note: The Early Access build is bundled with an evaluation license that expires May 30, 2010.

Please feel free to ask for help or just leave feedback at our support forum.

Stay tuned for new versions with more powerful and exciting features!

*Early Access gives you a chance to try the product out before it is officially released. Although we cannot guarantee that there will be no public API changes, or that certain features will be available in the final product, we will do our best to make your Early Access experience useful and future transition to the release version as easy as possible. Early Access - is your opportunity to contribute to the development process and help us shape the product to fit your needs.