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Thursday, May 13, 2010

OpenFaces 3.0 Early Access 1 with JSF 2.0 Support

We're glad to announce the first early access milestone of the new OpenFaces 3.0 version featuring JSF 2.0 compatibility. Now developers creating JSF 2.0 based applications have access to rich possibilities provided by all kinds of OpenFaces components, ranging from DataTable and TreeTable for flexible data display, to BorderLayoutPanel and Window for creating various layouts, and Validation framework for client-side validation and additional validators.

OpenFaces 3.0 will be maintained in parallel with OpenFaces 2.0 and both of them will have the same set of features, but they will target different versions of JSF: 2.0 and 1.2 respectively. The final release for the OpenFaces 3.0 version is expected in June.

You can download the new version and the demo package that runs on Tomcat and GlassFish v3 here (see the OpenFaces 3.0 Early Access 1 section).

As JSF 2.0 support is currently on an intermediate stage, some functionality is limited yet and there are the following known issues in OpenFaces 3.0 EA1:
  • State saving during OpenFaces Ajax requests has some issues when using the built-in Ajax capabilities in certain OpenFaces components. Most notable consequences are: a) impossibility to use Ajax node folding in TreeTable, so only client-side node folding works fine yet, and b) DataTable paginator's "next" button which can't be used more than once.
  • The CompositeFilter component doesn't work in this Early Access version.
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