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Saturday, October 30, 2010

OpenFaces 3.0 with JSF 2.0 Support

The final release of OpenFaces 3.0 is out. This release focuses on OpenFaces' compatibility with JSF 2.0 specification, which is currently quickly replacing the older JSF 1.2 standard and makes application development notably more convenient. Now developers of JSF 2.0-based applications can enjoy using many mature OpenFaces components such as DataTable, TreeTable, DayTable, and many other useful components. Special thanks go to all community members who contributed to the early access versions and helped us with testing and preparing this final version!

We are not going to drop the JSF 1.2-based OpenFaces 2.x version family. Both 3.x and 2.x families will be evolving in parallel, and all improvements to OpenFaces 3.x will also be included into the appropriate 2.x releases to support JSF 1.2 developers.

You can download version 3.0 here. Installing OpenFaces 3.0 into your JSF 2.0 application is as simple as adding the openfaces.jar and runtime dependency jars from the distribution package to your application. No web.xml modifications are required. Just make sure you're using the latest Mojarra 2.0.3. You can also browse the online demo, and study the release notes. Should you have any questions, you're welcome to join the OpenFaces community.

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