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Friday, June 7, 2013

JxBrowser 4 Beta Released

JxBrowser's history is getting a new spin! The new major version 4 is based on Chromium engine, leaving behind the support of separate browsers for different platforms. The current Beta's focus is on Windows platform, while the other two (Mac and Linux) are planned to follow in the oncoming official version 4 release.

Apart from being based on one of the most powerful cross-platform web browser engines, JxBrowser 4 is acquiring new exciting characteristics. The library now provides a completely lightweight implementation of Browser UI component. Also, all interactions with the native code are now implemented as a separate native process, which significantly improves the stability of Java applications, using JxBrowser 4.

The new JxBrowser 4 Beta release is public, which means anyone is welcome to try out the new version. To do so, please visit JxBrowser 4 Beta page on our support site.

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