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Tuesday, June 17, 2003

JNIWrapper 1.3 and WinPack 1.0 released

The WinPack library, a free addition to JNIWrapper, is growing up. More Windows API gets wrapped to be used in Java. JNIWrapper for Windows is updated to enable some new WinPack functionality.

What's new in JNIWrapper?

  1. New functionality: Processor Information. The ProcessorInfo class allows reading processor Name, Frequency, etc.
  2. Changes: Some classes under win32 and util packages are moved from WinPack to JNIWrapper as a result of refactoring.
  3. Bugfixes: Fixed problem with finding a license file under Win9x platforms.

What's new in WinPack?

1. New functionality:
a. RegistryKey class. The old RegistryItem implementation is deprecated but not removed in this version.
b. New Region function createFromImage(), extracts a region from a specified image and allows to create custom shape windows.
c. ShellFolder class, plus enumeration of all shell folders.
d. ChooseColor dialog and ChooseColorField.
e. SystemColor and SystemMetrics classes.
f. SelectFileField control that uses OpenSaveFileDialog.
g. SelectFolderField control that uses SelectFolderDialog.
h. Bitmap function toImage(), converts a bitmap to buffered image.
i. Icon function toImage(), converts an icon to buffered image.

2. Changes:
a. Region class extended with useful methods.
b. Removed interfaces containing constants only, all constants moved to corresponding classes and transformed into corresponding enumerations or sets.
c. FileSystemWatcher is now much quicker on NT platforms; different watching strategies can be selected depending on platform: Win9x or WinNT.
3. Bugfixes:
a. Fixes in SelelctFolder, SelectFile dialogs.
b. Fixes in functions inside WinRegistry and WindowDC classes

To see the functionality in action, download WinPack and run the WinPack Demo application.

Updated WinPack API documentation is available online.

Check the WinPack page for more details about WinPack library and its features.

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