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Friday, February 6, 2004

JNIWrapper 2.3 for Windows

We had a tough start of the year... Our customers, after refreshing holidays, submitted a good bunch of support requests to us. Some of them were interesting features requests and others were our drawbacks.

We made several delays of this version release willing to include as many changes as possible. Check the What's New page to see the list of major changes.

We mostly concentrated on COM support in this release and added enhancements to the run-time and code generation process that should make the integration easier. Thus, this is mostly a maintenance release with several useful features.

It appears that our documentation goes one step behind the development. We have started a massive update of our guides, samples, faqs and so on. And we are planning to concentrate on it later on.

Because of numerous support requests about integration with Microsoft Office applications, we have added appropriate samples into the distribution.

From now on, JNIWrapper 1.x for Windows is no longer available for purchase.

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