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Friday, November 8, 2013

JxBrowser 4.0 Released

Today we are launching the long-awaited official JxBrowser 4.0. The new major version is based on one of the most powerful web browser engine - Google Chromium, leaving behind the support of separate browsers for different platforms.

Now JxBrowser provides a totally lightweight Browser Swing UI component. You can forget about memory usage issues caused by native web browser engine allocating too much memory of your Java process. All the native code runs in separate native processes, so if the native web browser control crashes for some reason (e.g. crash in plugin), your Java application will continue working and you can restore the browser control.

JxBrowser 4.0 has been in beta for four months and over this time gained new features, improved API and new platforms support. JxBrowser 4.0 supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms and provides reach and simple API with many features. The full list of changes since Beta 3 release is available on the JxBrowser 4.0 Release Notes page.

To help you migrate your code from 3.x API to 4.x API we prepared the migration document.

The update is available for download. Please find online samples for JxBrowser available on our support site.

We would be glad to hear your feedback or provide help with use of our product on our support forum.

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