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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

JxDocument Released

TeamDev announces the release of JxDocument — a brand new product, designed to make displaying PDF documents in Java apps as easy as a pie.

The library enables easy conversion of PDF pages to Java images as well as reading text from PDF documents.

To get a deeper insight into the product please visit JxDocument page: http://www.teamdev.com/jxdocument

See also JxDocument Support site http://jxdocument-support.teamdev.com/ for documentation and code samples.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

OpenFaces Documentation and Issue Tracking Moved to GitHub

Hello dear OpenFaces community!

We would like to inform you about some changes in OpenFaces infrastructure. We have just moved OpenFaces Documentation to GitHub: https://github.com/TeamDev-Ltd/OpenFaces/wiki, and our issue tracking system to: https://github.com/TeamDev-Ltd/OpenFaces/issues

These changes have been implemented to simplify interaction with the project for all participants.