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Monday, October 27, 2014

IE11 Issues Impacting JExplorer Customers

MS IE 11 support had been added in JExplorer 2.7 right after MS IE 11 release (April–May 2014). Several months later a few of our customers informed us that they have issues such as native crashes, freezing and fail fast exceptions in Java and JExplorer32 processes with MS IE 11.

We figured out that these issues are reproducible only with the latest MS IE 11 updates starting from 11.0.10. We analysed crash dump files and function call stacks and figured out that problems were caused by regression issues in MS IE 11 updates. Microsoft confirmed that their latest updates are causing similar issues and they started working on fixing these problems. Microsoft engineers do not give exact estimates on the expected fix time, but we anticipate that it may take months before a new update of IE 11 goes public.
While working with Microsoft on the issues, we figured out that latter can be avoided by re-designing and re-implementing the way JExplorer integrates with IE. We created a prototype with the new design and got a confirmation that all issues introduced in the latest MS IE 11 updates can be worked around on our end.

So, right now we are working on the next JExplorer version that would be compatible with the latest MS IE 11 updates. It will be a major rework with a much more reliable implementation of our library, which will include several necessary changes in the public API. We will do our best to make the new API compatible with JExplorer 2.7 version as much as possible, but we cannot make it 100% compatible.

The version which addresses IE11 issues will be a major version update, 3.0. We are planning to release public 3.0 Beta, which would cover most used features in the middle of November. The complete version release is planned to mid-December.
While we are working on the new version of JExplorer, to avoid the issues with the latest MS IE 11 updates, we recommend that end users downgrade their MS IE 11 version to 11.0.9.

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